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[[File:Its Allways a Goodtime-US!!!!!!!|thumb|right|335px]]
==HOW TO: Plan a Party==
==Happy new years eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!==
Give everyone at least a week notice and plan it at a suitable time ('''''COLIN''''') for everyone.
==Who is going to the new years party?==
Ok, so, the new years party is really late for me and Soup, but, i'll stay up all night, as long as you guys are actually going, so, can you reply if you're going?- CCG
I dont know- I'll probably be on from like when i wake up and then until 11:30 and then ill come back on after 12 XD I wanna spend the seconds with them, Its a tradtion. XD -Liz
I will be in bed XD, if you want to talk to me come on at like 8 xD- Soup
==From Ariana Grande:==
Dear arianators, army, tiny elephants, clique, tweeps and so on,<br />I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me. You honestly don't know how much each and every one of you means to me. Thank you for inspiring me to work hard and to keep going. These past few years have been very special for me. I got to fulfill a bunch of my dreams I'd had since I was a little girl. I've also done a lot of growing up and have learned a lot these past few years and you've been here to support me through it all. Thank you for loving me endlessly whether my hair is red or brown, whether my skin is normal or covered in a terrible spray tan (never happening again), whether I'm wearing a pink gown or pajamas, whether I'm starring in a Freaky Forever episode from 2009 filmed on my macbook in Boca or in a hit Nickelodeon tv show, whether I'm heartbroken over my back up dancer or dating a boy I'd never met (until tonight!!!!!) who lives on another continent. Thank you for not only loving and supporting me but my family and best friends as well. Thanks for staying up late with me and DMing silly emoticons back and forth and quoting various movies on Thank you for understanding me, having my back, letting me be myself with you, and for just being my friends. Wether you've been here since the "13" days or you just joined the clique yesterday, I love you. I'm so excited for the journey ahead and so thankful I have you all to share it with. Thank you. <3
==('''pun alert''')Souper Subjects==
Feel free to add your own souper subject!, If someone posts a party please leave a note if you dont atend 
(P.S. if your a fan of puns and worst movies of all time or just plain horrible movies why don't you check out Batman and Robin '''note:'''write your will before you do)
==New Years Drew Party! ==
Hey people! New Years Eve, [Actually, if you're me or Soup, this is new years day]... [NO ONE CARES]... [I bet ANDREW does]. I, Colin, will be throwing a party at the Drew Wiki chat! It will be for New Years, and also... the premiere of Drew! Try to make it! Celebrations will start anytime on New Years Eve!
What if chat's dead? XD
The party fails? XD
Yep. XD So that is why people we TRY to go on chat. 
Good luck with that, the last three birthday parties have been a complete fail XD
That's because they were unoticed XD And during school hours.
'''And we can have random parties too.'''
==A word from my 6th period Science Class.==
My science teacher: Okay kids we're gonna start our Chemisrty lab now.
Us: *Whispering* Dafuck she talking about?
My science teacher: Kids, dont cuss. And anywho, on to chemestry.
Cass: We haven't started chemisrty.
My science teacher: Oh. sorry. LETS BEGIN CHEMISTRY! :D
Whole class: (I swear this happened) UUUGGGHHHH JUST SHUT UP.
==A word from my 4th period Math Class. :D==
My math teacher: Okay, put your cards away so we can go to lunch.
<strike>Lunch for me is 6th period btw.</strike>
Everyone in my Math Class screaming: LUUUUUUUUUNCH?
My math teacher: Oh. Sorry.
To which me and my friend cracked up.
Yeeah me and my friend laugh a lot. We got in trouble once for flicking pencils across the room cuz we were bored, and we were in Social Studies. The teacher wasn't even paying attention, she was just searching stuff on google. xD
==LOL THEY USED THE WORD TROLL IN MY HOMEWORK== is the number-one site found through for online etiquette. Judith Kallos, who titles herself a Netiquette and Technology Muse, began the site back in the Internet Stone Age in 1996. She can be quite strict but is also very smart. Her advice on what to do when you receive a mean e-mail is very solid. "If you receive a nasty email," she writes, "do not respond immediately, if at all." She also describes how to deal with Internet trolls, who are people "simply trying to get a rise out of you." If you can stop, count to ten, and then find that you "do not have something nice or constructive to say," then there's only one thing to do. "Hit delete."
==Conneticut Shooting.==
There was a shooting in Conneticut on December 14th. 27 people were shot and killed at a school, 20 of them being children. Kate's own 6 year old cousin was shot dead. Let us mourn the death of these kids, and R.I.P.
==I do not like green eggs and ham==
"Gibbons, called lesser apes, have smaller, more graceful bodies than other apes. Conservation International tells us that they also have 'longer arms, canine teeth, and they have buttock pads.'"
- A word from my homework
==I am the chicken. I am the stergtyn. I am der walwus. GEW GEW GER JEWB.==
*Person 2: IS HE AT WALMART.
==How does your baby learn?==
<<baby laugh>>
'''My name is Jeff'''
and im evil
Dont think we wouldnt notice you did this, Larkin XD
Who is this I am horse.
comes from socks
they're like little bags for your feet so cute
==Ship of the Day! ==

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HOW TO: Plan a Party

Give everyone at least a week notice and plan it at a suitable time (COLIN) for everyone.

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