0Well. This is it. Goodbye 2012.

It feels like yesterday i just joined wikia and started roleplaying on the victorious wiki. We've cried. We've roleplayed, laughed, screamed, foughten, abondend. or however you spell it. I dont know really what to say. you've made me so happy- Happier than i could ever be. Even though we're miles- 100 or 1,000. or Across the ocean. And just to say, Before i even joined wikia- I had a pretty good life. But at the time- It was really bad. Like- My uncle[not my actual uncle] went to war. I havent seen him since. I remember the nights on tinychats that it was 3 in the morning and I was wrapped in a blanket watching teens react with colin. And I also remember the nights where it was just plain hell and I either was invovled or laughing or trying to break it up. It was so fun. We've moved wiki's, Lost friends, - some even almost dying-. - Getting jelous. [*everyone looks at me* What?!]fangirling, Watching victorious together- even saying we wanted to meet each other in person. It was rough. Really rough. But now we're down to the final 10 [which was once 18]. We survived. We knew what didnt kill us made us stronger. 










I love you guys. so much. ♥

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