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    January 7, 2013 by Soupperson1

    After thinking long and hard, this is all too much

    look at where we've come too we moved like 7 wikis, over one idiot

    we've been fighting with him nonestop since

    also who are we fooling staying on chat for like 8 hours talking to a chat wall

    wiki is too much with school too

    Now my goodbyes-


    Thanks for making me laugh


    Thanks for pushing me to try harder


    Thanks for being there with your amazing stories


    Your a wonderful sister hope you stay that way


    Thanks for shipping with me and being a great friend


    Thanks for helping us all show the wonders of the world outside wiki


    Thanks for allways putting a smile on my face


    Thank you for allways trying to keep chat alive

    For all these reasons GTG bye

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  • Soupperson1

    Hey its Soup, Hope you enjoy this little video I made about the wiki :)

    Thanks to everyone for a great year, and thanks to everyone to who uploaded the screenies!

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  • Soupperson1
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